2023-04-04 City Lights

Big cities such as Calgary are transformed at night. Streets look differently with brightly lit store windows and signs. There are floodlit buildings and art installations. Take advantage of bright colours against dark backgrounds. This high contrast creates metering challenges. Play with exposure settings and experiment.

The subject “City Lights” is not restricted to Downtown lights only. Any type of artificial lights are legitimate subjects. They can be porch lights, street light scenes, advertising billboards, long exposure car light trails, long exposure zoom-in and out experiments etc. Be creative !

This is probably the right time for this subject as it still gets dark at a reasonable hour. And parking should be free! Please keep image submissions at or below 1600 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high.

24 Responses to 2023-04-04 City Lights

Diana says:
2023-04-09 at 3:47 pm
So sorry to not be able to join you tomorrow night. Here is a photo from a walk last night in our neighbourhood, Looks like the skating season is over!
SS 1/160; f3.2; ISO 12800. Focal length 45 mm. Needed to do a lot of noise reduction because of the extreme ISO. Was in Aperture priority with floating ISO, handheld.

Diana says:
2023-04-09 at 3:54 pm
A shot of our street last night, around 8:00 p.m. Looks like blue hour is happening earlier now.
SS 1/100; f4.5; ISO 6400; focal length 61 mm. Once again, floating ISO, but it is lower due to the faster shutter.
The lights provide a nice warm contrast to the cool colour of the sky.

Henri says:
2023-04-11 at 1:20 pm
During our field trip yesterday night, I experimented with long exposure zoom trickery. This very modern mansion had interesting lighting that made for a nice abstract.

Henri says:
2023-04-11 at 3:20 pm
Slight perspective corrections.

Karen Sandra McDaniel says:
2023-04-11 at 4:26 pm
Very interesting abstract of the house.

Karen Sandra McDaniel says:
2023-04-12 at 3:34 pm
My very literal view.

Shannon says:
2023-04-16 at 12:27 am
Very interesting photo…really nice.

Henri says:
2023-04-11 at 1:24 pm
Peace Bridge from last night’s field trip. The bridge is the leading line to the downtown lights with the foreground rocks artificially enhanced

Karen Sandra McDaniel says:
2023-04-11 at 4:44 pm
This was a window right behind us as we stood on the bluff. Vert Art Deco look to it.

Della says:
2023-04-11 at 9:10 pm
my attempt at ICM

Della says:
2023-04-11 at 9:16 pm
Peace bridge , I like the vegetation in the foreground and the colourful reflections
USO 280 32mm f9 4sec.

Karen Sandra McDaniel says:
2023-04-11 at 9:55 pm
Very nice!

Della says:
2023-04-12 at 3:06 am
Thank you. Karen.

Shannon says:
2023-04-16 at 12:26 am
Very nice photo of the Peace Bridge.

Karen Sandra McDaniel says:
2023-04-12 at 3:31 pm
Another our spot on the bluff. The houses are really spectacular house with very interesting architectural features. Again very Art Deco. I think the home owner night have been waiting to have their dinner!

tony campos says:
2023-04-14 at 4:49 am
Near our parking spot for the field trip downtown
f/5.6, 1/25, iso9000, 56mm

tony campos says:
2023-04-14 at 4:52 am
An abstract view of the traffic on memorial drive – processing by Gimp
f/5.6, 1/15, iso200, 70mm

judi says:
2023-04-15 at 11:34 pm
Long exposure time (10 seconds) and Intentional Camera Movement. This is a photo of vehicles on Macleod Trail on Friday night. ISO 200, f/7.4, 80mm

judi says:2023-04-15 at 11:42 pm

Back alley parking light with tree. Edit to B&W. Exposure time 15 seconds, f 7.4, ISO 200, 30.8mm

Debbie McCluskey says:
2023-04-17 at 12:40 am
Great street light photos – wish I lived closer for the field trip. My trip, didn’t take me far, just down the block. It was a pretty dark, cloudy night so the front light stood out and looked a bit spooky with the mountain ash tree in front. This was taken from my house with my 300 mm lens. F5, 1/60 sec, exp 6400 with the exposure at minus 0.3

Ron says:
2023-04-17 at 9:39 pm
Downtown from Bow Trail SW, 9 PM Apr. 16. ISO 100, f/29, 15 sec.

Ron says:
2023-04-17 at 9:43 pm
Another perspective, with the pedestrian bridge framing downtown lights. First photo was taken from the bridge. ISO 100, f/29, 8 sec.

Beth says:
2023-04-18 at 4:13 am
Light trails and Star bursts taken from the bridge over Crowchild Trail SW. Shot with my 16 mm lens at F/16, 15 sec, ISO 250

Beth says:
2023-04-18 at 4:15 am
The Atrium of the Atco building lit up at night. Shot with my 16mm lens at f/16, 1/5 sec, ISO 25o

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