2023-04-04 Photographers Choice

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15 Responses to 2023-04-04 Photographers Choice

Paul Fesko says:
2023-04-06 at 11:26 pm
Captured this shot on rainy Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast. Used my Canon R5 with a 100-500mm lens and settings of ISO 200, f7.1, 1/3200s at 270mm. Edited the photo in Lightroom.

Paul Fesko says:
2023-04-06 at 11:31 pm
I think this an image of a Starling (please correct if you think it’s something else). ISO 400, f7.1, 1/800 s. Canon R5 with 100-500mm lens at 500mm. Edited in Lightroom

Henri says:
2023-04-07 at 2:44 pm
Love this image Paul. The yellow beak and eye detail really stand out. Tack sharp feather detail.

Henri says:
2023-04-11 at 4:58 pm
Grand Entrance

judi says:
2023-04-15 at 11:49 pm
Macleod Trail Street Lights in B&W. Exposure time 15 sec, f 8, focal length 46.6, ISO 200mm.

Della 朱世芸 Ho says:
2023-04-16 at 12:48 am
robins having fun
ISO 200 f5.6 1/800 280mm

Diana says:
2023-04-16 at 3:48 pm
Great action captured in this photo. I really like it Della.

della says:
2023-04-17 at 2:12 am
Thank you very much. Diana

tony campos says:
2023-04-17 at 7:11 pm
Great photo Della

Debbie McCluskey says:
2023-04-17 at 12:34 am
New Year’s Eve was at Bower Pond and the Cronquist Tea House caught my eye with the lightening and activity. It was hot chocolate and cookies while waiting for the fireworks. The house was built in 1911 and has 8 bedrooms with the Queen Anne tower. It was moved to its current location in 1976. This was with my cell, at F1.8, 1/25 sec and ISO 640.

Beth says:
2023-04-17 at 2:07 am
Parliament Bldgs in Ottawa. Lit up every night throughout the summer. Taken with an iphone 8 at f/1.8, 1.4 sec, ISO 640

Frankie says:
2023-04-17 at 1:47 pm
I probably won’t make it out after dark.
Broadway & 52 St NYC January 2014
ISO 800, 40 mm, f/5, 1/50 sec

Beth says:
2023-04-17 at 6:22 pm
At Inglewood Bird Sanctuary practicing with my new lens. This duck was on the river and I really liked the movement in the water. Taken with my 100-400 lens with a 1.4 X extender at F/1.8, 1/4 sec, ISO 250

tony campos says:
2023-04-17 at 7:18 pm
Downtown Lisbon at blue hour
f/4.9, 1/8, iso800

tony campos says:
2023-04-17 at 7:23 pm
Chengdu (China) ‘Peace bridge’ at night, taken with a tablet

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