2023-05-02 Landscape Exposure Triangle

The objective of this photo challenge is to use the exposure triangle for the same scene to achieve dramatically different results. In photography you always have the option to lead with aperture (for depth of field control) or shutter speed (to freeze or blur action). An example image would be a waterfall where you can deliberately choose to smooth the flow of water or freeze the spray of droplets. There are many creative possibilities by trying scenes at the edge of what the camera is capable of. One example is shooting into brightly lit backgrounds where ISO needs to be turned to a minimum or in more extreme cases where you need to add a neutral density filter. Yet another example would be a close-up subject where you the aperture/shutter speed combination cannot give you enough depth of field, and you have to use a focus stacking technique. Try out the same scene at the extremes of your camera capabilities. Use a tripod as it will greatly help at the extreme ends of your camera capabilities. For long shutter speed settings use the self timer to prevent camera shake.

Upload images no larger than 1600 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high.

15 Responses to 2023-05-02 Landscape Exposure Triangle

della says:
2023-05-06 at 8:38 pm
an experiment , 3 images taken with a variable ND filter ? stregyn., ISO 220 f20 1/200-1/500 , combined into HDR

Henri says:
2023-05-07 at 11:07 pm
One of two extremes on the exposure triangle. In this case I tried to slow the shutter speed down as much as possible to smooth the water in the waterfall. f/22, 8 sec, ISO 100, 6 stop ND filter

Henri says:
2023-05-07 at 11:17 pm
Same waterfall taken at f/1.8, 1/2500 sec, ISO 100

judi dixon says:2023-05-14 at 11:24 pm
I have used a bird bath water wiggler to create movement in my photos. I used a tripod and tried to push my camera to it’s limits to create 2 extremes. This image is shot at f4 SS 1/8000 ISO 1600.

judi says:
2023-05-14 at 11:28 pm
I have used a bird bath water wiggler to create movement for my images. I used a tripod. f4 – SS 1/8000 – ISO 1600

judi says:
2023-05-14 at 11:31 pm
Image 2: tripod used. f/22 – SS 1/30 ISO 200

Fred Schwering says:
2023-05-15 at 9:48 pm
Here is my attempt at Focus Stacking using the Photomerge feature Photoshop Elements. I took five shots of some tight buds on the Flowering Crabapple tree in my backyard.
Aperture Priority, Spot focus, ISO 100, f/2.8, focal length 57 mm. The shutter speed varied from 1/500 sec to 1/1250 depending on the light and shadow at the focal point.

Fred Schwering says:
2023-05-15 at 9:52 pm
Here is one of the original photos. The flower buds in the center are in focus but the leaves and the flower buds around the outside are out of focus.

Beth says:
2023-05-15 at 11:13 pm
Shot two pictures of my garden using a tripod, one at aperture f/4 and one at f/22. To balance the exposure triangle the shutter speed went from 1/6 sec to 1/160 sec. Used my 18-55 mm lens.

Beth says:
2023-05-15 at 11:15 pm
This is shot at f/4.

Beth says:
2023-05-15 at 11:16 pm
and this one at f/22

Jim Springer says:
2023-05-16 at 3:09 pm
This photo was taken using a ND16 filter. Unfortunately, my ND filters are of the plastic variety and not glass and they left a weird colour cast on the images that I couldn’t get rid of entirely. This was a last minute entry so I didn’t have a lot of time to work with it. The unfiltered exposure would have been f8 at 125/sec with ISO 200. This shot was taken at f9, 1 sec and ISO of 200.

Fred Schwering says:
2023-05-16 at 4:04 pm
Two shots at the ends of my aperture range.
The first at f/2.8 the second at f/8
Aperture priority, 124 mm focal length, ISO 100.
Shot 1 shutter speed 1/1000 sec
Shot 2 shutter speed 1/320 sec

Fred Schwering says:
2023-05-16 at 4:05 pm
Shot 2 f/8, 1/320 sec

Fred Schwering says:
2023-05-16 at 4:06 pm
Shot 2 adjusted for low exposure.

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