2023-08-22 Photographers Choice

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18 Responses to 2023-08-22 Photographers Choice

  1. Joe Horler says:

    One more B&W (in camera Fuji film simulation Acros w/red filter). At the Strathmore Stampede grounds at the start of the 8th heat.
    Handheld w 88mm of telephoto with animal tracking auto focus.
    ISO 1280./F 4.5/ SS@1/2500 second.

    • Frankie says:

      Great timing capturing the action and excitement with the outriders running to jump on their horses.

  2. della says:

    One of the photos from Globalfest
    ISO 200, f11, 16mm 16sec

  3. Frankie says:

    Summer Skirmish at the Military Museums. Just for fun to show the woman’s outfit and the horse’s tack in colour. Or is it a unicorn! Lucky shot thanks to the fighter jet you can see when you’re driving by on Crowchild.
    ISO 1600, 71 mm, f/6.3, 1/3200 sec

  4. Ron says:

    Red Tailed Hawk on Beddington golf driving range fences taken from bike path in Confluence Park. ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/500.

  5. tony campos says:

    Mt.Rundle from Vermillion lakes
    f/7.1, 1/500, iso160

  6. tony campos says:

    An (almost) B&W photo taken in Portugal (replaced the background)
    f/3.3,1/800, iso160

  7. della says:

    Okotoks rodeo ISO 100 240mm f7.1 1/800

  8. Dwigh says:

    this picture has two parts the first is the raw image as I took it from the truck of Yosemite Valley from tunnel view. It was very busy and icy. so I just took it as I cruised by. Th e second is after editing cropped in tighter and with ai took out the people and it replaced with the forest floor as if I was standing at the railing. Pushed to black and white played with colour sliders and blue filter to achieve this.

  9. Dwight says:

    The second

  10. Dwight says:

    this is a photo I took back in 2012 with the d7000 just a sheet on the ground pushed to black and white added some vibrancy and diffused it a touch.

  11. Fred Schwering says:

    I took this photo of a Gray Angelfish in 2014 with an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 while scuba diving in Mexico near Playa Del Carmen. I was shooting without external lights so the background colour was very blue. The fish is not very colourful so I converted the photo to black and white.
    ISO 64, f/4.1, 1/160 sec, 36 mm.

  12. Beth Hetherington says:

    Grasses and seed pod highlighted against a darker background. Taken with my 50 to 230 mm lens at f/6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 250

  13. Beth Hetherington says:

    Went out after the rain on Monday to try a catch the rain drops in black and white.
    Shot with my Sigma 16 mm lens at f/4.5, 1/60 sec, ISO 250

  14. Frankie says:

    I had fun at the Pride Parade because everyone was so joyous and colourful. I must have taken 50 shots of dogs with rainbow accessories, as well as two bearded dragons and a mermaid. I went directly to the end point at Fort Calgary where the backdrop was the train tankers. Someone said the parade was 2-1/2 hours long this year, compared to one hour last year. Thousands lined the route in support (I could not find crowd estimates online). This diverse group of men had finished the route and were walking in the opposite direction, back towards downtown.
    ISO 1600, 177 mm, f.11, 1/1000

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