2023-10-03 Enhance

The objective here is to enhance the un-enhanced composed image you took in the previous challenge ( 2023-10-03 Look-Think-Snap )with your choice of post processing software. You can use as much post processing as you wish. From just a basic crop to elaborately enhanced photoshop images.

Click here for the link to the post processing example I used in the presentation.

Keep you upload images at or below 1600 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high

16 Responses to 2023-10-03 Enhance

  1. Henri says:

    Here is the final post processed image. I used Photoshop to desaturate the image slightly and then used a masking tool to change the luminosity of the root versus the rock below it to balance the image.

  2. Henri says:

    Here is the side by side comparison of the SOOC and the Photoshop processed image

  3. sue says:

    Colour of the bamboo leaves enhanced.
    Taken with my iphone.

  4. della says:

    enhanced image of the pelicans

  5. della says:

    enhanced. image of the log.
    the image had increased exposure and warmer temperature and had a radial gradient applied

  6. Karen McDaniel says:

    The picture on the left is right out of the camera. Focal Length 20mm, F14, S 1/800, ISO 1000, CW Metering. Yu can see that it is dark, there are bird droppings and the leaf fossil is not clear. I enhanced the picture by cropping it, selectively taking out the droppings and some shadows with Photoshop to enhance the colour and visibility of the fossil. I put the two pictures together in Snip.

  7. Frankie says:

    I use Apple Photos for editing. I cropped a bit of the left side out to enhance the triangle shapes of the ravine and the colourful trees.
    I moved the brilliance slider up a little and the contrast and black point sliders even less. Saturation slider up to 0.14 out of a possible 1.00. I also selected the blue and enhanced it a lot because the sky was so pale.
    ISO 800, 53 mm, f/13, 1/500th

  8. Fred Schwering says:

    City view enhanced. Straightened the buildings with perspective crop and lightened up the underexposed parts of the photo.

  9. Doug Stewart says:

    The final processed version of this photo from Amsterdam was cropped and straightened slightly, and the shadows were enhanced to bring out the faces more clearly.

  10. Doug Stewart says:

    The final post-processed version of this photo of the garbage collection is cropped and straightened to reduce the number of distracting elements and was sharpened slightly in Topaz.

  11. Robert says:

    North Glenmore, I cropped the image to have the tree act as a frame, and the mom and girls in the 1/3 position, and finally straitened the horizon line, all in Photoshop

  12. Robert says:

    North Glenmore continued… cropped the photo, to locate subject in the top third…
    tweaked the Vibrance and Saturation in Photoshop, to take away the dreariness…. but not too much, afterall it still is a gloomy rainy day. And I got my leaves and water reflections.

  13. tony campos says:

    The first shot sharpened, white balance adjusted, and also adjusted shadows/highlights

  14. Beth says:

    Final version of picture after editing. Cropped, haze removal, blue enhanced

  15. Robert says:

    Glenmore second try

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