2023-10-17 Photographers Choice

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21 Responses to 2023-10-17 Photographers Choice

  1. della says:

    Big hill spring , small water fall , trying longer exposure
    ISO 100 48mm f7.1 0.8sec.
    changed to b/w

    • Bill Stilwell says:

      This is one of yours I really enjoy viewing. I leave it in expanded view on my computer. The leaves add a uniqueness that balances the moving water very well.
      I don’t think this would be as pleasing in colour.
      Thanks Della.

    • Henri says:

      Lovely “gentle” composition. I really like the silky smooth waterfalls.

  2. della says:

    single red leaf left on the branch
    ISO 1800 300mm f8 1/320

  3. Della 朱世芸 Ho says:

    red leaves

  4. Karen McDaniel says:

    Last day at Inglewood before the snow and this is one of the last members of the Wood Ducks present. Pretty typical Fall picture. Settings: 400 mm FL, F 6.3, s 1/2000, ISO 1000. CW Metering, Auto White Balance.

  5. Nick says:

    I have been experimenting shooting outside both just before darkness sets and after it has set using electronic flash. Photos need quite a bit of post processing. I shot this photo last month on the shore of Lac St Anne. This is a dandelion puff at 35mm, f/4, 1/60 sec. and ISO 500. I set the camera’s WB to a cool setting but still needed to slide LR’s WB a bit more to the cool side to increase the blue tint, in post-processing. I twigged just about everything else, exposure, contrast, highlights, etc…The ‘Christmasy’ looking points of light are an unexpected result.

    • Henri says:

      Interesting shot. I like the subdued out-of-focus blue background. The focus on just the dandelion puff at f/4.1 and the bright flash reflections makes this image really good.

  6. Nick says:

    I shot this photo at the Museum of Human Rights (Winnipeg) a few years ago. One is often reminded to look behind when shooting the scene in front. I decided to get down to the ground. In fact, I placed the camera right on the floor. Got this image. F/2.8, 1/3 sec. ISO 200, 26 mm. Just a tiny bit of post processing (increased contrast decreased highlights a touch)

  7. Joe Horler says:

    Two images of wildlife captured over the past week, pre snwofall.
    First the beautiful wood duck at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in the afternoon sun.
    Captured on a tripod (Fuji XT-5 and 150-600mm lens at full 600mm)
    ISO 1600/ F 8/SS@ 1/500second.

  8. Joe Horler says:

    Second image of a “busy beaver” captured at Votier’s Flats in Fish Creek Park on Sunday October 22nd afternoon (overcast and grey).
    Shot with my Fuji XT-4(RAW file) and a prime 80mm F2.8 lens. The beaver was so engaged in building it’s den it allowed me to get very close as it crossed the pathway.

  9. Frankie says:

    After a walk to the Weaselhead on Saturday we came across the Dash of Doom Halloween run in North Glenmore Park. Dogs, adults and kids all dressed up. Fun to shoot. This woman’s gorilla head is on top of her head. Her husband was a zookeeper. They had four little dogs, two in a wagon and two with those wheelie contraptions because their back legs don’t work. All in costume.
    ISO 100, 40 mm, f/3.5, 1/125

  10. Frankie says:

    Dad the firefighter is helping one of his sons put gloves on. It was a chilly, cloudy day for the little ones, who had their own 1K race.
    ISO 100, 40 mm, f/3.5, 1/125

  11. tony campos says:

    I liked the silver icicles on the trees and the hint of light refraction in the clouds.
    f/2.6, 1/5400, iso40

  12. tony campos says:

    Dramatic sky taken a few years ago along 22 highway – right place at the right time…
    f/5.9, 1/320, iso100

  13. Paul Fesko says:

    Sunrise along the Bow River in Fish Creek Park, Oct 29, 2023
    1.0 sec, f22, ISO 320
    Taken with RF14-35 lens at 14mm. Edited in LR

  14. Paul Fesko says:

    I volunteered on the weekend to take pictures at a charity concert; Concert for Classrooms with Barney Bentall and the Cariboo Express.

    1/250 sec, f 2.0, ISO 2000
    Taken with RF28-70 lens at 55 mm. Edited in LR including the LR Denoise. Sharped in Topaz Photo AI

  15. Debbie McCluskey says:

    My giant sunflowers were busy with bees and butterflies on our last 20 degree day. From what I could find, this is Painted Lady butterfly, not to be confused with a Monarch butterfly. This is with my 70-300 lens, using the program setting – which used F14, 1/1600 sec, ISO 6400. Just a little bit of sunshine!

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