2023-11-14 Photographers Choice

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17 Responses to 2023-11-14 Photographers Choice

  1. della says:

    an image taken at stamped time , I superimposed an image of cracked glass to symbolize broken dreams

  2. Joe Horler says:

    The view from Currie Barracks Nov 16 at sunset. Captured with my medium format Fuji.
    Not exactly moody but Mother Nature spectacular
    ISO540/ F3/5/ SS@1/100sec. Handheld with a 50mm focal length

  3. Bill Stilwell says:

    Two different types of support for the electrical transmission lines. The arms out type in the rear have the locals calling them “Mordor” unique in the entire world apparently. These giant 500 KV posts are used as the last pylons before the lines go subterranean.
    When there is high relative humidity you can hear the humming as the electrons zap the water molecules near the wires.
    Cropped, slightly rotated, 2 people, 2 dogs a waste bin and support wires erased in Luminar 4. Lighting was gently adjusted to assist in creating the mood.
    ISO 200, f 5.6, 1/80 s and -0.7 EV.

    I wasn’t sure it qualified as a moody late fall as there was snow & ice involved making it more “early winter blue hour” in my thinking.

  4. della says:

    an eagle with a duck
    ISO 280 f7.1 1/640 400mm

  5. Paul Fesko says:

    A Photoshop Composite. I combined three images I shot in RAW with my iPhone and put together as layers on Photoshop.
    ISO 80, f 1.8, 1/1900s
    6.9mm lens on iPhone 15ProMax
    Edited in Photoshop

  6. Nick says:

    WTF moments during post-processing work. This photo dates back to 2013, specifically to the “flood” of 2013. It is a shot of Highway 1 at the 1A (Canmore). The highway is closed off to the general public, access granted to only those dealing with flooding situation (generally people associated with highway and railway infrastructure ). I take this work-related photo, among others. When I view it back at the office I am surprised to see a cyclist (on the left in photo), casually making his way among the ruble of the highway. Never saw him in the moment.

  7. Nick says:

    I am not a a birding enthusiast. Takes too much patience. But sometimes an opportunity arises which should not be passed up. This particular bird has all the looks of signaling me to buzz off and leave it alone. In fact, I had been poised camera ready for a good 20 minutes waiting for it to take flight.

  8. Paul Fesko says:

    Toll bird at the bird sanctuary. I had no bird seed and had to pass by without paying. His expression looked like one of the birds from the game Angry Birds.

    1/400s, f7.1, ISO 1000
    Edited in LR, denoised and sharpened in Topaz Photo AI.

  9. Henri says:

    Misty bridge west Bowmont Park, near the stormwater ponds. Taken with my smartphone while walking the dog.

    • Bill Stilwell says:

      Excellent example of being in the right place at the right time with a camera.
      I like the composition.
      Does your phone capture raw images?

  10. Joe Horler says:

    A moody “moon over Calgary” photo.captured Friday Nov 24th at blue hour from teh Bow Trail pedestrian bridge.
    Fuji XT-5 on a tripod in RAW. Focal length of 99mm. .
    ISO80/ F14/ SS@o.4 second.
    Processed in in Luminar NEo. Reduced exposure and highlights to make the room more prominent and bring out the colour in she sky. A little Enhance slider.

  11. Fred Schwering says:

    I went scuba diving in Cozumel this month. I took this photo with a Sealife DC2000 camera, underwater housing and video light. I used the levels tool in Photoshop Elements to correct the colours.
    f/2.5, 1/320 sec, ISO 125, fl 31mm

  12. Fred Schwering says:

    I watched this Tropical Kingbird flit between palm trees.
    Cropped and adjusted the exposure in Photoshop Elements.
    Sony DSC-RX 10 IV
    Shutter Priority, 1/1000 sec, f/5.0, ISO 100, FL 600 mm

  13. Debbie McCluskey says:

    This is a resident Great Horn Owl at Ellis Bird Farm. The pair had 3 owlets this spring and you could watch the owlets from incubation to fledging via a video feed. This was taken during a bird photography class this past summer. My 300 lens at 1/6000 sec, F 5.6 and auto ISO which was 6400. The Canon 90d is known for issues with shade and auto ISO going to 6400. In lightroom, masked the owl, and adjusted the clarity and texture as the 6400 makes the image soft.

  14. tony campos says:

    Late afternoon at Glenmore lake
    f/2.2, 1/5000, iso70

  15. tony campos says:

    Middle Earth…
    f/3.3, 1/60, iso1000

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