2024-01-16 Winter Abstract

After the brutal New Years weather there should be lots of opportunity to capture winter images. The object of this two week challenge is to find high contrast abstract winter scenes. Try using some of the art filters available in your post processing software to enhance the abstract qualities of your shots.

Please keep images at or below 1600 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.

26 Responses to 2024-01-16 Winter Abstract

  1. Henri says:

    I found this interesting composition of dark twisted Mugo Pine trunks contrasting with rectangular curved steps in a field of snow.

    • Henri says:

      Here is the same image processed through the Photoshop “Accented Edges” filter. Cropped the image a bit tighter for balance

  2. Henri says:

    Here is another winter abstract taken with my smartphone, cropped then post processed with the “Accented Edges” filter.

  3. Della 朱世芸 Ho says:

    I like the snow in the background merges with the snow on the log

  4. della says:

    forgot to post the photo

  5. della says:

    the icicles on a rock in the water created an interesting image

  6. della says:

    an image created in photoshop from the above image

  7. Ron says:

    Backyard Icicles in front of yellow snow shovel, taken with 300 mm telephoto lens. ISO 1250, f/13, 1/500. 100% Dramatic Cool filter applied in Apple Photos.

  8. Ron says:

    Alien arm taken in my back yard.

    No, it is actually rooftop snow, taken with 300 mm telephoto lens. ISO 640, f/22, 1/500. Focusing on the snow made the sky and the building come out black. Thought the angles and texture of the snow against the black background made for a minimalist but still interesting abstract.

  9. Doug Stewart says:

    Original version of photo of Colonel Walker House in Inglewood Bird Sanctuary – taken on a dull, hazy day last week. Sony RX-10, 72mm, ISO 200, .7ev, f/8, 1/250 sec. The next two photographs are of the same scene, using Sony’s in-camera “Picture Effects” settings.

  10. Doug Stewart says:

    Sony’s “Watercolor” in-camera picture effect, which “creates an image with ink bleed and blurring effects as if painted using watercolours.”

  11. Doug Stewart says:

    Sony’s “Illustration” effect, which “creates an illustration-like image by emphasizing the outlines.”

  12. Shannon says:

    Apple iphone photo of ice crystals on the corner of a lawn chair. Cropped in using LR.

  13. Fred Schwering says:

    Raspberry leaves in the snow. Cropped and applied stained glass texture effect.

  14. Fred Schwering says:

    Footprints in the snow.

  15. Ken Robertson says:

    Went to Waterton National Park this weekend and took this picture at Lundbreck Falls. To me, it looks like a face that has formed from the freezing water of the falls. Picture was taken using F11, ISO 100 and 1/40.

  16. Frankie Thornhill says:

    Bow River steaming on one of our frigid days.
    ISO 100, 40 mm, f/7.1, 1/2500 sec

    • Henri says:

      Love this abstract Frankie. The grey tones in the foreground balance the white of the ice and the “steam”. Strong leading lines and just enough definition at the very top to reveal the “clouds of steam”

  17. Debbie McCluskey says:

    I broke down and bought myself a crystal/glass photography ball this week as I love the abstract images that can be produced. I have a long way to go… This is using my 300 lens on AV setting. The Cannon 90d has issues with low light ISO coming up at 6400. So, I brought the ISO to 400 and set it to F3.5, 1/1000 of a second to get a crisper picture. The original image is in the reply. I only cropped and straighten the horizon.

  18. Debbie McCluskey says:

    Here is the original image. How would you edit it?

  19. sue says:

    Walking in Tuscany Taken with my iphone.

  20. sue says:

    Bow River. Taken with my iphone

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